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PM takes charge of the Prime Minister’s Office

New Delhi, June 10

Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has taken charge of the Prime Minister’s Office today. Addressing the officers and staff of the Prime Minister’s Office, Modi asserted that it has been an endeavour to make the PMO an institution of service and the People’s PMO from the very beginning. “We have tried to develop the PMO as a catalytic agent which becomes a source of new energy and inspiration”, the Prime Minister said.

Modi takes charge
Modi takes charge of PMO

Prime Minister Modi said that the Government means new energy of strength, dedication and resolve and expressed confidence that the PMO is primed to serve the people with dedication. He highlighted that it is not Modi alone who runs the government but thousands of minds that come together and shoulder the responsibilities, and as a result, it is the citizens who become witnesses to the magnificence of its abilities.

Modi underlined that the people who belong to his team have no time constraints, limits to thinking or any set benchmarks for effort. “Entire nation has faith in this team”, the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister took the opportunity to thank those who have been a part of his team and also exhorted those who wish to join and become a part of the journey of Viksit Bharat for the next 5 years and dedicate themselves to nation-building. “Together, we will achieve the target of ‘Nation First’ with one intention of Viksit Bharat 2047”, the Prime Minister said. He also reiterated that his every moment belongs to the nation.

Prime Minister Modi explained that the combination of desire and stability makes for determination while success is achieved when determination is complemented by hard work. He further added that if one’s wish is stable, it takes the form of a resolution whereas a wish that constantly takes new forms is merely a wave.



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